MOMA-B Mobile Market Kiosk 01-200x.jpg
MOMA-B Mobile Market Kiosk 01-200x.jpg
Artikel: Bauwelt
Stadt: Gütersloh, Deutschland
Datum: 12 / 2012

MOMA-B Mobile Market Kiosk: Mobile market kiosk for twelve cities in South Westphalia

The gable roof is the icon of regional building and a symbol of regional solidarity. Moving Icon is the contemporary version of the archetype and the interpretation of a popular everyday architecture of 4 walls and a roof. Present monolith and changeable object at the same time, Moving Icon is a symbol of the change of a region through the regional, which is reflected in its spatial difference from unity to openness. Moving Icon makes a process visible and is a sensual object of maximum changeability, at the end of which a spatially liberated, joyful, colorful, scenic experience becomes possible. The focus is on a flowing walkability and multi-layered spatial disposition for the diversity of imaginable situations. Above it a floating icon that becomes an abstract space of ideas and wishes and stands out from the uniform height of surrounding volumes. Thanks to its translucent shell, Moving Icon is an interactive media skin - in open and closed state all night long. Moving Icon directs the digital data flow of regional users via SMS or e-mail onto its outer skin and informs about the diversity of the region with sober data material or emotional everyday experiences. Information that should connect: Figures from Lippstadt in Freudenberg, wishes and expectations of Arnsbergers in Soest.