Lounge furniture in the foyer
Lounge furniture in the foyer © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Projection of a guidance system
Projection of a guidance system © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Lounging area in the cinema foyer
Lounging area in the cinema foyer © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Black vanity furniture
Black vanity furniture © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Ticket counter in the cinema foyer
Ticket counter in the cinema foyer © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Main entrance
Main entrance © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Barrier-free paths in the cinema
Barrier-free paths in the cinema © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Projectteam Stefan Korschildgen, Susanne Priebs
Client FTB Borck GmbH
City Köln
involved Lichtplanung: Silvia Quintiliani - Dinnebier Licht GmbH, Medienberatung: Lars Emmerich, Medienberatung: Daniel Hengst
Date 2012
Copyright Prof. Carsten Gliese

ciné noir - A new Cinema Foyer

The CINENOVA Arthouse-Cinema is one of the most renowned cinematic cultural sites in Cologne. The redesign of the existing foyer should develop a new spatial identity and at the same time modernize the technical infrastructure. The design intervention made understands the space of the foyer as a “scene” that precedes the cinema halls. The basic gesture of this scene refers to a phenomenon of cinematography: space and image are created through the entry of light. In this specific case, this light is formed by projections, displays, lights and metal reflections - within a dark surrounding area with diffuse room boundaries. The physically existing foyer space is removed from its boundaries by dark paintwork, making it seem endless and fading into the background. The spatial “scene” is created as soon as light appears and marks places. Cones of light, light strips and light objects accentuate paths, counters and lounge areas. Typographic projections and displays throw information into the room, as do monitors that provide additional image information. The actual cinema halls, which come up to the foyer room via some wall sections, are raised at these points by means of a gold coloured metal curtain cladding and, with appropriate lighting, form the focus of the atmospheric staging. Various lighting variants can be called up here via back and foreground light options and different light colours, in which the light is thrown into the room by means of reflections via the chain links of the metal curtains. When entering the foyer, the visitor goes himself onto a “stage” and becomes part of the scene - not entirely unlike an actor in the middle of a film set. Welcome to the cinema!