Room sequence
Room sequence © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Looking through the tunnel figure
Looking through the tunnel figure © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Open space with a back wall
Open space with a back wall © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Atmospheric interior
Atmospheric interior © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Surfaces and construction
Surfaces and construction © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Life in space
Life in space © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Projectteam Stefan Korschildgen, Miriam Lück, Lei Lei, Felix Franke, Marcel Franken
Client Montag Stiftung Bildende Kunst
Stadt Bonn
Datum 2005
Bildrechte Prof. Carsten Gliese

Room for a Time - Time in a Room - Spatial Installation

The changeable object offers a weatherproof refuge for experiments with the perception of different atmospheres. Equipped with the centrally placed divan, it is at the same time a public and private place, which leaves the dreaming only a limited ‘time in space’. The emotional reference to an archaic hut architecture with the simultaneous pragmatic use of contemporary materials refers the visitor to the contradictions of the naive dream of home under today’s conditions of permanent change.