Cinema guest room
Cinema guest room © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Access to adjoining rooms
Access to adjoining rooms © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Window to the cinema foyer
Window to the cinema foyer © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Counter light furniture
Counter light furniture © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Light space skylight
Light space skylight © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Outside counter pavilion
Outside counter pavilion © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Projectteam Stefan Korschildgen, Susanne Priebs, Dominik Schlichting
Client FTB Borck GmbH
City Köln
involved Lichtplanung: Silvia Quintiliani - Dinnebier Licht GmbH, Akustikberatung: Karl Goebels
Date 2013
Copyright Prof. Carsten Gliese

resto rouge - Design of a Cinema-Restaurant

The CINENOVA Arthouse-Kino is one of the most renowned cinematic cultural sites in Cologne. The ambitious restaurant attached was to be given a special atmospheric identity, and lighting and acoustics also had to be significantly improved.

The design intervention that has been made understands the dining area of ​​the restaurant as a place of fundamental intimacy, which is created through color, light and acoustics. The room is immersed in a stimulating signal-red atmosphere by painting the walls and ceilings. All other surfaces are intended as accents, with their rather muted brown tones, they take a back seat and thus ground the room. A circumferential band acts as a sound-absorbing “piece of furniture” and contains indirect lighting, light surfaces, loudspeakers, digital displays and sockets. This versatile multi-tool offers the guest all the necessary infrastructure and a special “horizon” that radiates a pleasant intimacy. This is underlined in the evening by selective lighting of the tables and counter. In contrast, subtle indirect lighting of the red wall surfaces and the bar shelf creates a pleasant basic orientation in the room. Bon Appetit.