Stormy seas
Stormy seas © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Access to the room laboratory
Access to the room laboratory © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Rhine Room
Rhine Room © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Draft © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Space balancing act
Space balancing act © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Level horizon
Level horizon © Prof. Carsten Gliese
Projectteam Stefan Korschildgen, Andreas Schmitz, Michael Weichler
Client Montag Stiftung Bildende Kunst
City Bonn
Date 2007
Copyright Prof. Carsten Gliese

Rheinpegel_Raumlabor - Spatial installation

The “Rheinpegel_Raumlabor” project stages references to the Rhine flowing past with haptic, atmospheric and literary means. In the sense of a laboratory, the architectural intervention is about the changeability of an existing room in Bonn’s Villa Ingenohl by the visitor. An additional, elastically mounted floor level is introduced, which inclines differently when stepped on or walked on. The soft, floating or unstable nature of the river is thus symbolically transferred to the floor of the room, whereby its height level, known as the “level”, fluctuates. With the movement of the floor, the entire room or the perception of it changes. In pristine condition, the room floor is all around at its “normal level”. When stepping on or off-center, the floor edge inclines to one side, revealing a blue wall-plinth area that was previously hidden. By temporarily exposing this colour zone, the homogeneously white room is now informed with intensive colouring and thus atmospherically enriched. The embedding of isolated, mostly lyrical river quotes in these coloured areas ideally reinforces the thematic proximity to the river. The appearance and depth of this colour and text level can also be permanently influenced by the user. The space flows.
[… schwindelnd trägt er dich fort auf rastlos strömenden Wogen …]
Friedrich Schiller