Mobile garden at night
Mobile garden at night © Jörg Hempel
Movable garden
Movable garden © Jörg Hempel
Stairs to the roof garden
Stairs to the roof garden © Jörg Hempel
Slidable inner wall
Slidable inner wall © Jörg Hempel
Wall mounting for garden furniture
Wall mounting for garden furniture © Jörg Hempel
Magnetic rose motif
Magnetic rose motif © Jörg Hempel
Roof garden without building permit
Roof garden without building permit © Jörg Hempel
Sequence © Jörg Hempel
Projectteam Gerhard Kalhöfer, Philip Braselmann, Marc Rogmans
Client Privat
City Köln
involved Tragwerksplanung: Jürgen Bernhardt, Umsetzung: Fröbel Stahlbau - Fröbel Stahlbau
Date 2008
Copyright Jörg Hempel

Room with View - Mobile Roof Terrace

In the search for light, warmth and a view, the interior is set in motion. The inner world is turned inside out and the spatial experience becomes an excursion. In the luggage the garden furniture a table cloth and dishes. At the beginning of the journey, limited by your own four walls, the view opens up wide and becomes lost.

In the course of the renovation of a semi-detached house from the 1970s, the roof is made accessible to the residents. A mobile architecture in the form of a partition wall on the upper floor can be moved vertically onto the roof surface, where it serves as an atmospheric and functional background for the time spent outside. The partition wall holds the necessary garden furniture on its back. When the terrace is not in use, the partition wall is lowered again and the space between the stairs becomes space-saving storage space for the garden furniture. During this time the staircase is not accessible - the staircase is only released when the wall is raised vertically. The front of the partition wall is covered with a changeable “wallpaper” of magnetic roses, whose pattern and color can be determined by the builder. The construction of the vertically movable wall was realized with the help of a commercially available cantilevered sliding gate construction that was turned by 90°. It is operated manually by a hand crank and a cable winch with counterweights. In maximum extended position the wall is secured by a pin. A motor operation and drive of automatic sliding gates was tested and also alternatively tendered. The client liked the solution and the project was rather a low-tech solution.

Movable wall: